Und jetzt dann #remote. Online Meetings erfolgreich machen.

Na? Hat es Euch auch kalt erwischt? Von einem Tag auf den anderen #remote aus dem Homeoffice arbeiten? Mit einem Team, das improvisiert von Zuhause versucht, das was zu tun ist, jetzt via #remote Workshops zu koordinieren…?

Bad Connection?
Bad Connection?

Bei den Kollegen vom Teamworkblog hab ich meine Erfahrungen der letzten Wochen veröffentlicht und spreche da über Tipps und Tricks um das Energielevel hoch und damit das Meeting erfolgreich zu machen.

Scrum-Day 2019 Agile Games Corner Material

Uff. The Scrumday 2019 is over. And it was a blast.
Exhausted but happy here is what I proposed during the sessions @ the Agile Games Corner: additional info and instructions to the simulations, energizers and games I facilitated.

Tech Debt Game: a simulation to explain the need for refactoring with non-technical means to non-technical people can be found here

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick up the original source for one of my current favorites: Egg & Shell, a short simulation to experience how it feels like to trust and to focus on someone who is relying on you. So I created a facilitation script at tastycupcakes

Here are the energizers:
Princess and Werewolves: Thanks to @dhommel who introduced me to this fun energizer – and showed up right in time at the agile games corner to prevent me from screwing, thanks mate 😉
Danish clapping. I can’t name the orginal source but here is a video which illustrates the facilitation
Antelopes, Tigers and Elefants. Again no source available. I learned it from Susanne Burgstaller. If you find another reference, let me know!

Thank you for visiting us at the agile games corner. See you next year @Scrumday 2020!!